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Two of Flato's Land Purchases for the "Cameron Project" are rooted in deception.

1. The Farm at 144 Ranchers Road

September 2020: the property is listed. The owner receives a number of offers and accepts one for $1,325,000.
April 15, 2021: the deal is closed. The property now belongs to the Catenacci family.
April 22, 2021: the land is flipped for $2.00 (two dollars) by the Catenacci family to Golf Course Community One, Inc., which is owned by Flato.

What is unclear: Why did Flato not buy the property outright? Were they afraid that the previous owner would not sell this well-kept farm with its brand new stables and riding ring to a developer? Why were they taking measures to ensure that the seller did not know to whom they were selling the land?

What is clear: The Catenacci family was clearly operating on behalf of Flato in this purchase.

While not illegal, the purchase of this land was not transparent, nor was it upfront.

In spite of Flato's stated desire to build community and be our friend, these actions suggest someone who will do whatever it takes to get what they want.


The farm at 144 Rancher's Road

144 Rancher's Rd NW view.jpeg

Long Beach residents were shocked to discover this "no trespassing" sign on their dock this spring,

Resident's Association Poster.jpeg

A 1999 Newsletter from the Long Beach Residents' Association.

2. The Community-Owned Dock on Long Beach Rd.

October 1, 1999: The Federal Government-owned dock on Long Beach Rd. next to the Marina is sold to the Long Beach Residents' Association for $1 (one dollar). The deed for the dock and 2 acres of land under water is held by the association. The resident's association is responsible for insurance costs which are recovered from association dues and boat launching fees. Don Abel is the President of the Association at this time.

January 17, 2020: Don Abel sells the dock belonging to the Residents' Association to his own numbered company,  1165996 Ontario Inc.,  for $34,000.

March 30, 2021: Don Abel's numbered company, 1165996 Ontario Inc. sells the dock along with his store and cabins to Golf Course Community Two, which is owned by Flato, for $680,000.

What is unclear: How did Don Abel manage to sell a dock that belonged to the Long Beach Residents' Association to his own numbered company without informing or reimbursing any members of the Long Beach Residents' Association? At what point did Flato become involved with these transactions?

What is clear: In order to provide docking facilities for the spa, golf course and the inhabitants of the estate homes in the "Cameron Project,"  Flato needs to have lake access and docking space. The dock owned by the residents' association, with its proximity to the marina (which Flato also owns), meets the necessary criteria admirably.

Flato has indicated that it wants to build community. Acquiring a dock that was unknowingly sold out from under the community, thereby stripping the community of lake access, not only undermines community, it creates deep suspicion.


Dock with no Trespassing Sign.jpeg
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