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Write to your elected officials and local newspapers with your concerns about this project:

Councillor Mike Perry

705-324-9411 extension 3803

(nb: Councillor Perry is the councillor for Cameron)


Mayor Doug Elmslie:
705-324-9411 extension 1310

(nb: Councillor Elmslie is the former councillor for Cameron)

Contact for other councillors can be found here.

MPP Laurie Scott:



Kawartha Lakes This Week:

The Lindsay Advocate:

Watch for activity on the property that was purchased for the Cameron project. Share your observations on the facebook page.

Sign up to our email list to be informed of upcoming actions and to volunteer: use the form below or email:

Donate to this campaign.
We will be starting our fundraising soon for website and legal costs. We will keep you posted.

What You Can Do to Resist the "Cameron Development"

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