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We, the undersigned, are opposed to the rezoning application submitted by Flato Development for the so-called the “Kawartha Bay” subdivision, golf course, and marina in the Long Beach / Rancher’s Road Area of Cameron (File # D06-2023-17)

We oppose this application because we are concerned that the
proposed development will:

  • further reduce viable farmland in the Kawartha Lakes;

  • undermine and fragment the delicate and diverse ecosystems that rely on the proposed development lands;

  • do nothing to solve the housing crisis in our area;

  • create low-paying and seasonal jobs rather than stable employment.

We are, furthermore, concerned about the proposed privatization of water filtration and wastewater management services for this development and the potential for environmental catastrophe that could result.

We also oppose this development because Flato has not acted in good faith in this community or other communities in Ontario through the use of MZOs and third-party acquisition of properties.

We urge the Planning Advisory Committee and the Kawartha Lakes City Council to reject this application.

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Thank you for helping us stop Flato!

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