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Why We Oppose This Development

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Farmland Preservation

"The demand and need for local food from local farmers is rising in Canada.  Covid, recent droughts and instability in the global food supply have all highlighted the importance of access to a local food supply. Losing farmland to development decreases access to local food."

<< This farm, with its diverse habitats of fields, tree lines, pasture, pond and woods will be lost if this project goes through.

A Need for Affordable Housing

The Kawartha Lakes needs more affordable housing so that our children and seniors will be able to continue to live in our community as they age. The 423 three season residences and rental cottages proposed by Flato do not fill this need in our community. In addition, the ever-shifting inhabitants of these dwellings will not contribute to the long-term viability of our schools, business and organizations.

Flato's Proposed Development >>

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Environmental Diversity

The land purchased by Flato contains two rare geographical formations—an alvar and a drumlin—both of which are home to many rare species of birds, plants and insects. Although Flate insists it will provide adequate environmental protections where needed, golf courses not only destroy habitat and ecosystems when they are created, they continue to pour pesticides and herbicides into the ground, poisoning groundwater and lake water through run-off.

<<This threatened Prairie Smoke plant was photographed on the property Flato has purchased. It only grows on Alvars.

A "Top Tier" Golf Course does not build community

Falto has described the golf course as a Doug Carrick designed golf course with a world class resort. Such golf courses are characterized by exclusive and expensive golf course memberships for homeowners (and a very few non-homeowners), accompanied by low-paid jobs for local employees.

golf ball and club.jpg
Water Glasses
Infrastructure Concerns

Flato intends to build a water filtration plant, that will draw water from Sturgeon Lake, as well as sewage treatment facilities that will treat and disinfect water before it is used to irrigate the golf course. The privatization of drinking water and wastewater is not in the public interest.

The Instability of Tourism as an Economic Base

Our community has been hit hard by the reduction in tourism over the last number of years, with numerous businesses closing. Promises by Flato of “sustained economic growth” that are based on tourism are contradicted by the low pay, instability, and seasonal nature of jobs in tourism.

This protected clay coloured sparrow was photographed on the site that Flato has purchased.  >>

clay coloured sparrow singing.jpeg
Excavator on Flato property.jpg
Flato's Questionable Actions Thus Far

A number of the real estate transactions that resulted in Flato owning two of the properties for this development contain irregularities that are ethically questionable.




In addition, shortly after Flato gained title to the property, an excavator showed up and started clearing environmentally sensitive land before an environmental assessment could be done. All of these actions undermine trust in Flato's intentions.

This excavator began clearing the habitat of rare birds and plants shortly after Flato took possession of the property

We Already are a Community!

Flato says it will build our community. However, rather than building on the community that already exists here, Flato will create an exclusive community that caters to the wealthy and excludes many of us who already form this community.

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